Knowledge required

What do you need to know ?

The framework is made for PHP developers. You will have to know :

  • Obviously, some notions of PHP
  • Of course HTML, some Javascript, Css, and even Bootstrap will not hurt.
  • Notions of Object-Oriented Programming
  • The role distribution between client and web server : Entryfield is a server framework
  • Notions of SQL
  • Something about the MVC model (Model / View / Component)

Earth rise



The framework runs with various configurations from PHP 5.3 to PHP 7.x, on Linux and Windows.

To install the Entryfield Framework for PHP you will need

  • A Web server like Apache
  • PHP enabled
  • Sqlite module enabled on PHP, to use the demo application

If you use Windows, you should use an integrated Web server + PHP + SQL Configuration like Uniform server (our choice), or WAMP Server, or EasyPHP, or whatever.

If you use Linux the packages are easy to find and set up (Apache with PHP, SQLite module in PHP)

PHP / SQL Configurations are available on many other configurations ; you will have to test the Entryfield Framework by your own means though.


How to install

How to install the demo application

Copy efshare directory (contained in and put it into your "www" directory, for instance C:\localhost\www

Then call http://localhost/efshare

You will arrive at the splash screen of Tdlist , the demo application of Entryfield

In case of an incident during installation, you may need to delete the sqlite database (file tdlist.sqlite in sqlitedb/ ), it will be dynamically recreated by the application