Structure of the example application

What do you get in the example download ?

How is an entryfield app structured ?

General directory structure

Structure for an application whose "long" name is tdlist, and short code is "Tdl"

docs/           // hopefully some documentation 
tdlist/         // source code of the application
F_Lib/          // the core of Entryfield toolbox

.htaccess       // apache instructions to redirect all trafic to index.php       

index.php       // where everything begins
Tdl_Config.php          // General config file
Tdl_ConfigLocal.php     // Complementary config file with local particularities
Tdl_FormProc.php        // This script is the receiver of <form posts>

Structure of the "tdlist/" application directory

css/            // our own work with css        

extends/        // where we specialized the standard classes

helpers/        // our utility classes

js_addons/      // javascript complements if any

lang/           // scripts to translate

logs/           // some debugging our processing logs

models/         // scripts related to data access (M of MVC)

pages/          // the pages scripts... pages are made of parts

parts/          // where controllers are (C of MVC)

sqlitedb/       // if database type is sqlite, it may be here

templates/      // the design and templates (V of MVC)            

Structure of the "tdlist/extends/" directory

        That's where all F_Something classes become Ef_Something
        Where we define our own specific field types
        Where we define our own ways of rendering lists

Structure of the F_Lib/ directory

This is the core of the Framework

F_Field.php         // loads every part of the toolbox
F_FieldConfig.php   // Small classes for a configuration usage
F_FieldData.php     // Main classes to manage datas
F_FieldExtended.php // Some extensions (bootstrap oriented list, etc)
F_FieldField.php    // Data types
F_FieldRender.php   // Templating, page routing and rendering

Structure of the designs/ directory


            some other files belonging to design...